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Wedding Centerpieces - by Sam Gregorio's Florist


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Wedding Centerpiece [samwed17]
Pink Orchid Candles [samwed18]
Wedding Centerpiece [samwed19]

Fall Centerpiece [samwed20]
Blue Orchid Candles [samwed22]
DAIS [samwed25]

Tall Centerpiece [samwed27]
Classy Dais [samwed28]
Daisy Centerpiece [samwed29]

Tall Centerpiece [samwed30]
Ceremony [samwed31]
Dais 2 [samwed32]

Purple Centerpiece [samwed33]
Centerpiece [samwed34]
Crystal Centerpiece [samweb35]

Candle Centerpiece [samweb36]
Dais 3 [samwed38]
Centerpiece [samwed39]

Centerpiece [samwed40]
Rose Petal Aisle [samwed41]
Square Centerpiece [samwed43]

Fall Centerpiece [samwed45]
Fall Centerpiece [samwed46]
Fall Centerpiece [samwed47]

Card Table [samwed48]
Candle Centerpiece [samwed49]
Cocktail Table Arrangement [samwed50]

Room Shot Centerpieces [samwed52]
Centerpiece [samwed55]
Centerpiece [samwed56]

Cylinder Orchid Centerpiece [samwed57]
Variety Centerpiece [samwed61]
Card Table [samwed62]

Cocktail Centerpiece [samwed65]
Centerpiece [samwed66]
Orchid Plant [samwed69]

Trendy Cocktail [samwed70]
Cocktail Table [samwed71]
Cylinder Centerpiece [samwed72]

Tall White Orchid Cylinders [samwed78]
Daisy [samwed79]
Dais [samwed83]

Winter Centerpiece [samwed97]
Centerpiece [samwed98]
Centerpiece [samwed103]

Centerpiece [samwed104]
Purple Orchid Cylinder [samwed105]